Inspired by traditional weaving techniques and organic forms, the PREN lighting range has been woven out of sustainably sourced specialist maple wood to draw in your attention and allow your eyes to explore the changing patterns. Each PREN light structure is initially developed by repeatedly making small-scale models.  The design is finalised when the organic forms balance with the subtle beauty of the wood to create a refined simplicity, resulting in both a sculptural object and delicate light feature, made to enhance the decorative light in your space. Each piece is woven by hand and therefore unique, its high-end quality representing the artistic vision, time and care of the maker.

The PREN range comes in a selection of sizes to suit all spaces and preferences. We can also create any of our pieces to suit your specific needs. If you’re interested in commissioning Louise for a special project, please get in touch. 


Louise’s lighting collection began with two linked pieces of paper. In her own words, she made a curve in one and thought, “Wow! That looks beautiful.” Her studio is lined with paper links and models that she has subsequently used to inform trials in wood, and eventual finished pieces.  Touch is central to her making, as is instinct, her artist’s eye and hand span determining measurements and gaps, the strips of wood pulled, twisted and curled by her physical touch so she forms a personal connection with the wood, and each piece is heartfelt and unique.

The process Louise has created is a fusion, combining the custom methods of basketry and weaving with contemporary design. Her pieces cement traditional skills in high-end quality, therefore pioneering their sustainability and forming a step in the story of technique.

Informed by her MA in textiles, which focused on environmental issues around the textile industry and a designer’s responsibility, Louise has always questioned the materials she uses. All materials used in the PREN lighting collection are environmentally mindful, obtained from known sources in Europe and FSC certified. The wood is carefully selected down to small but important details in depth and shade, and preserved with an environmentally friendly wood treatment.